Intelligent Moles

An estimated 7,230 people will die of melanoma in 2019. Of those, 4,740 will be men and 2,490 will be women.Actinic keratosis is the most common pre cancer; it affects more than 58 million Americans

What if your moles would help you improve the prevention of a dangerous skin cancer?.

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What is Intelligent Moles?

Intelligent moles is an app, which uses a platform, where Doctors can diagnose patients wherever they want, whenever they want.

With the diagnostics made by doctors we will improve our AI through Machine Learning techniques.

How Intelligent Moles works?

How Intelligent Moles AI works?

In Intelligent Moles we are using the Auto ML Vision Engine from the Google Cloud. To create our first AI we are using 10.000 diagnostics from the Harvard University dataset research.

Who needs iMoles?

Also can be used by someone who is interested in her/his skin health

By using Intelligent Moles we are taking action over the 70% to 80% of melanoma appeared in non previous existing moles

By using Intelligent Moles each patient have a traceability of each mole in her or his body.

When a Doctor diagnoses a new skin lesion they can check all the diagnostics made in the past over the same mole.

Doctors are able to ask for a second opinion in case of doubt. Intelligent Moles improves the traditional diagnostic

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